• We would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional owners of the land on which we meet; the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. It is upon their ancestral lands Aero Kids Early Learning Centre is built. As we share our own knowledge, teaching, learning and research practices within this service may we also pay respect to the knowledge embedded forever within the Aboriginal Custodianship of Country.

     Our Educational Program:
    Our approach to teaching and our understanding of learning comes from the Emergent and Reggio Emilia approaches, where our educational program is founded in the interests of the children. We value and believe that the social interactions and relationships children have and build contribute to their belonging, being and becoming as individuals within a family, culture, neighborhood and the wider community.

    We value the importance of the learning that occurs during play, where our children have the opportunity to discover, create, improvise and imagine, create social groups, test out ideas, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understandings.

    We believe that learning should always be empowering for children to develop and grow through their interests, being supported by educators to develop these interests by scaffolding learning opportunities and intentionally teach skills and concepts. This allows children to make safe choices and decisions, which support and encourage exploration and experimentation at their own pace.

    We believe each child brings to our service an array of life experiences, knowledge and interests that stem from their family setting; therefore it is important for our educational program to include and acknowledge these attributes for each child.

    Our Learning Environment:
    Our learning environments are vibrant, open-ended and flexible spaces that are responsive to the children’s interests and abilities.

    Our environments allow for children to express their individuality naturally fostering their growth in confidence, self-esteem and respect for themselves as well as others.

    We believe children are capable, competent and resourceful people who deserve excellence.

    We encourage the children to develop an awareness of themselves as individuals and as a member of a group through small and large group experiences, interest projects and are guided and assisted to develop empathy and concern for others.

    We believe that positive relationships are essential for a child’s development of personal responsibility, capacity for self-regulation, for constructive interactions with others, and for fostering academic functioning and mastery.

    Children who see themselves as highly valued are more likely to feel secure, thrive physically, get along with others, learn well, and feel part of a community.

    We strive to develop secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with families and build partnerships based on the foundations of understanding each other’s expectations and attitudes and build on the strength of each other’s knowledge.

    Our relationships with our families are grounded in trust, honesty and integrity, valuing mutual partnerships that are formed to build strong foundations of knowledge to provide the best possible early childhood experiences for our children.

    We value the contributions that families make and every effort is made to work with the needs of our families. Family contributions are an opportunity to link the children’s family context and individual family culture and practices to their learning as well as engage children in learning and discussions that are of meaning to them.

    We believe all our educators are lifelong learners who adopt holistic approaches to their practices, specifically including partnerships with families, intentional teaching, respect for diversity, inclusive and positive modelling, ongoing learning, critical reflection and assessment.

    We are educators that are inclusive, respectful and honor different ideas, perspectives and professional points of view and see difference as an opportunity for learning.

    Embedded in our educators is the willingness to develop warm, sensitive, and responsive interactions with the children which help them to develop a secure, positive sense of self and encourage them to respect and cooperate with others.

    We acknowledge and put into practise the notions derived from the Early Years Learning Framework that highlight our role in fostering children’s developing interests, constructing their own identities and understandings of the world through their participation in everyday life. We also acknowledge our professional and legal responsibilities as outlined in the Code of Ethics and Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011).

    Our philosophy reflects the view that we are a community of learners and learning is influenced by social and cultural contexts. Therefore, different pedagogies are needed to cater for different children in different contexts. 2013

Opening Hours

  • Aero Kids Early Learning Centre is open from 7.00am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

    Our Service will close on Public Holidays and between the Christmas and New Year period. Fees are still payable on Public Holidays, but not for other closure days through the Christmas and New Year periods.

Parents as Partners

  • Parents are welcome in the Centre at all times. If you are working close to the Centre, feel free to come in and visit your child during the day.
    Working close by will make it easy for mums to continue breastfeeding, if they wish to do so.

    Parents can be involved in the Centre in many different capacities. Involvement can include anything from discussing your child’s development with his/her primary carer to joining us on excursions or contributing any special talents you may have into the program. The extent of involvement is completely up to you.


  • Aero Kids has a strong commitment to the environment and education for sustainability among our children and families. The aim of education for sustainability is to promote a sense of responsibility, respect, empowerment, active participation, enquiry and social change to make a positive difference to the generations of today and the future.

    We believe that early childhood is a great time to involve children in education for sustainability where we want to develop lifelong practices to ensure the respect and protection of each other and our planet. We believe a sense of wonder, belonging to and love of the natural environment, living things and animals is critical for young children to develop lifelong respectful, positive and proactive attitudes towards protecting our environment, caring for all living creatures and creating a sustainable environment.

  • Fees

    Please contact us for our current fee schedule as fee increases apply and are determined annually.

    Our fees are inclusive of nappies, sunhats, bedding and laundering, excursions, incursions to the Service and all meals, snacks and drinks. Parents are asked to bring to the service, with their child a backpack with a couple of sets of spare clothes and underwear, (if applicable), if they have a toileting accident and/or if your child gets their clothing dirty while engaged in learning experiences. Parents of infants will be asked to supply their child’s bottles and formula as required.

     Method of Payments available:
    Fees can be paid via direct deduction from your credit card, by EFTPOS or by direct transfer to our bank account.

     Child Care Benefit:
    Child Care Benefit (CCB) is a payment made to families to assist with the costs of child care. To receive this, you must register with the Family Assistance Office (FAO). Once you have done so, you can receive your CCB entitlement as either a weekly fee reduction or lump sum payment following the end of the financial year. The FAO will notify the Centre of your nominated method and of your CCB percentage. If you choose a weekly reduction in fees, the percentage of fee relief for your family will then be calculated by the Centre and you will be informed of your adjusted fee. Information regarding CCB can be found on the Family Assistance Office’s website ( or by phoning the FAO on 13 61 50.

     50% Government Tax Rebate:
    Most families are also entitled to the 50% Government Rebate. This rebate can be paid weekly to your child care account and parents pay the gap only or quarterly directly to parents and is capped at $7500 per child per year. Information regarding the Rebate can be found on the Family Assistance Office’s website ( or by phoning the FAO on 13 61 50.

    Please note that regulations require us to keep up to date immunisation records as they determine your Child Care Benefit (CCB) and fee relief. We ask that you provide us with a copy of the immunisation records as they are updated (immunisation records are kept in your child’s Blue Book or on an immunisation Medicare statement).

  • History

    Aero Kids Early Learning Centre is owned and operated by Aero Kids Early Learning Centre Pty. Ltd. The board of directors comprises two couples, both with children of their own. They also own and operate two other early childhood services in Melbourne. Aero Kids caters to many employees in the corporate business area in Mascot. Aero Kids Early Learning Centre consists of 5 playrooms, 1 Nursery, 2 Toddlers and 2 Preschool.

    We are a 90 place early childhood service that caters to children aged 6 weeks to 6 years, providing a welcoming place for children away from home that fosters a sense of being, belonging and becoming.

    The service is located at 2:11/247 Coward Street. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere that invites children to observe, be active, and make choices and experiment in a supportive environment. We see children as being capable and resourceful and provide them with opportunities to develop and grow through their interests, which support and encourage exploration and experimentation.

    The educators at Aero Kids have the same passions for continuity of care between home and the Service, consistency of educators place a high value in not only the care routines for each child, but also the connections they have to their families and their world, their interactions and relationships both within and outside of the Service.

    At Aero Kids Early Learning Centre we believe all children are individuals with different personalities and needs. We respect and foster the individuality of every child in our care through a high quality educational program.