Transition to school program

At Aero kids we believe that preparing children for their journey into Primary School is essential to making the transition from early childhood to school as positive and familiar as can be, by offering within our program opportunities to:

 Introduce phonetic Awareness, which is the introduction to all language skills, learning about the sounds of our language. Children will be offered opportunities to learn new letters and their sounds each week and review them daily.
 Explore and learn about a variety of literacy experiences from information texts to stories.
 Share in a portfolio interview at the beginning and end of each year to discuss the s growth and learning.
 Engage in small group opportunities with an educator, for children to develop skills in counting, writing as well as incorporating experiences where children are encouraged to follow instructions and steps.
 Bring in a lunchbox and drink bottle in the last term of the year to assist children in becoming familiar with using glad wrap, zip lock bags and other types of storage packing for when they have to do it every day it is a process they are more familiar with.
 Explore experiences that are embedded into play as a part of the process in getting them ready for school.

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Extra curricula

  • Aero Kids offer extra curricula experiences for families that wish for their child to participate (at an additional cost), the experiences can change over the terms or remain the same as the children build and expand upon their skills and learning. Extra curricula experiences that have been offered in the past to the children are soccer, dancing and physical movement and music classes.